Celebrate recovery (CR) is a safe place to encourage others to fellowship and celebrate God’s healing power in our lives by sharing our experiences, strengths and hopes with one another. By working steps and applying Biblical principles, we see spiritual growth and healing from our hurts, habits, and hang-ups. This freedom creates joy, peace, a stronger personal relationship with others and our loving and forgiving higher power, Jesus Christ.

Celebrate Recovery is currently on hiatus.  Google search for other CR groups in the area.

For more info call:

Tony Rutherford

(626) 353-1039

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A Celebrate Recovery service consists of a worship time, a short lesson or testimony, and a small group break out session. The group separates into smaller gender-specific groups to discuss each person’s personal road to recovery. People are not required to share during this time.



I took Step One, began to moan

I can't do this one on my own. 

I took Step Two, began to pray

Restore me God, please now, today. 

I took Step Three, gave up my will

Maybe God could love me still. 

I took a Fourth, I looked inside

Nothing more would I hide. 

And on the Fifth, I said aloud

I've done some wrong, and I'm not proud.

I took Step Six, and got prepared

To lose the defects, i was scared. 

Now I'm at Seven, take them away

My God, for this I do pray. 

And on Eight, the list was long

Amends to make for all the wrongs. 

I took Step Nine, put down my pride

Amends made, I will not hide. 

Step Ten I take, each day I pray

I make amends along the way. 

And on Eleven I pray to know

Each day His Will, which way to go. 

I take Step Twelve, I'm like a bird

To others now, I spread the word...