Pastor Nominating Committee

Meet the committee that has been tasked with searching for our new permanent Senior Pastor.


An Update From the P.N.C.

Dear ACC Family,

Greetings from your Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC)!  Each member continues to express what an honor it is to serve you in this important discernment process. July 9th marked our third weekly Zoom meeting. We’re grateful to have Wendy Tajima, Executive Presbyter for San Gabriel, and/or Cyndie Crowell, Executive for Commission on Ministry available as advisors and for resourcing as we meet.

We’re still at the early stage of getting to know one another, understanding the overall process and growing in the spiritual work of discernment together. Thank you all for the effort that was put into the Mission Study and meetings with Pastor Larry. This has given us a great starting place for drafting our Mission Information Form, one of three documents needed to post the position online. It’s been a delight working with Pastor Larry and the Session to coordinate details, and we’re grateful for the support received from an anonymous benefactor who provided equipment so all our PNC members could participate with cameras on Zoom. God has encouraged us in each step.

We appreciate your prayers:

1. PNC members: Rosemary Allen, Erin Fong, Cherry Gan, Ellie Lee, Raivo Partma, Tony Rutherford, Steve Tamura, Mary Jo Wilson

2. For discerning spirits and open hearts as we process a lot of information and learn from one another.

3. For special blessings as we work on the Zoom format. Pray it will be free of technical glitches and for a time when we can share a meal together face-to-face.

4. For God’s presence with us, and that he would allow us, as a diverse group, to bring our unique perspectives, experiences, and wisdom to the task before us.

With gratitude,

Mary Jo, PNC Moderator, for the PNC