Pastor Nominating Committee

Meet the committee that has been tasked with searching for our new permanent Senior Pastor.  



An Update From the P.N.C.

Your Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) continues work on the Ministry Information

Form, which will be used for matching us to potential pastors. We’ve made

good progress and sense your prayers supporting us through each step.

A lot of work and discussion is involved to understand and succinctly express who we

are as a church and the kind of person we are looking for. Above all we understand

this as a discernment process. Thank you for praying that our hearts will be one and

in tune with God’s Spirit. Join us as a congregation in the three layers of discerning


1. Expressing our dependence on God – quiet trust

2. Surrendering our preferences to God

3. Asking for God’s wisdom

We appreciate your prayers:

• For discerning spirits and open hearts as we process a lot of information and

learn from one another.

• For special blessings as we work on the Zoom format. Pray it will be free of

technical glitches and for a time in the future when we can share a meal together


• For God’s presence with us, and that he would allow us, as a diverse group, to

bring our unique perspectives, experiences, and wisdom to the task before us.

• Please pray for our future pastor, that God is preparing and working in this person

and that the call to ACC will be clear.

With gratitude,

Your Pastoral Nominating Committee