Church Nominating Committee

  • Elder & Deacon Nominations

    It’s time again to call for new church Elders and Deacons. A limited number of ACC church members are nominated each year for a period of three years to these important offices. Your CNC (Church Nominating Committee) is asking you to prayerfully consider persons for nomination.


    Elders meet monthly at Session with our pastors to prayerfully review and approve programs and direction for our church. Deacons offer practical help to church and community, and are elected to the Board of Deacons. Both groups and their ministry teams currently meet on Zoom to plan programs and direct operations of the church.


    Nominees should exemplify the qualities of Commitment to Christ, Love of One’s Self and Others, Openness to God's Will, Team Spirit, and Giving Generously to the Work of the Church, all led through prayer. Christ asks us to serve with our time and talent. This is an opportunity for us to do that by building up The Body of Christ through service at ACC.


    Names of suggested candidates need to be submitted by October 3rd.  Nominations will take place during the Congregational Meeting on November 14th. Nomination forms are available to pick up in the church lobby on Sundays, by clicking the link below, and are also attached in your "Plugged In" email. You may also call the church office to request a nomination form.  Please submit your completed form in a sealed envelope by mail to the church office or drop it off in the mail slot by October 3rd.