Global Impact

  • Asian Access

    Mary Jo Wilson has been serving as Vice President for Missional Engagement since 2015. Her key focus is overseeing missionary staff in Japan, the Asian Access strategic partnership with SIM, and nurturing missional partnerships between leaders and expat missionaries in Japan. She also serves on the Asian Access Japan Board of Directors. Recently, she has been pioneering the use of A2’s pastor discipleship model to mentor young professionals in Bhutan. Mary Jo is an ACC member and the chairperson of our PNC. 

  • Arabic Communications Center

    Founded by Dr. Hisham Kamel, the mission of the Arabic Communication Center is to spread the word of God and make Christ known to non-Christians through various media – audio, video, books and DVDs. Pastor Hisham has traveled to many different countries to record programs that were broadcast throughout the Arabic-speaking world. 

  • Frontiers

    Frontiers is working to fulfill the Great Commission among Muslim people groups that do not know the saving message of Jesus Christ. Its global priorities focus on the regions with the largest concentrations of unengaged Muslim people groups. Frontiers recruits, trains, and sends church planting teams to live in the Muslim world. John and Laura train and equip field team members, team leaders and overseers who serve in over 40 countries. In addition, John has created a handbook and website for a successful peacemaking program that has been in high demand by many other Christian ministries, especially in areas of conflict. The program was developed out of years of leadership and peacemaking training that John has conducted. They, like other ministries, have successfully made the transition to teach their courses online in 2020.

  • Icthus International

    Icthus helps young people who live in poor communities to learn about Christian service and leadership. They exist in 15 countries in Latin America and the US. Each group runs like a club in partnership with a local church. Today, 11,000 young people are being taught lessons in Christian character, skills, and good habits. Many Icthus children go on to become guides for the next generation. More than 100,000 young people have been through the program. Latin America is experiencing growing hardship because of COVID-19.  It is affecting the lives of every Icthus child, their families, churches and communities. Kids are isolated and prevented from getting together for Icthus activities as well as school. In response, they started a program called Icthus At Home. One of the activities is delivering food to help families affected by low employment. 

  • Evangelical Theological Seminary of the Nile

    Darren Kennedy is a professor of systematic theology at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, Egypt. His wife Elizabeth is a professor at the American University in Cairo teaching Old Testament to both Christian and Muslim students. Dr. Kennedy has a passion for training leaders for the church in the Middle East. In addition to their academic work, students are given opportunities to learn practical skills through summer internships. One of the notable aspects of Darren’s work is to help the students integrate the lessons and difficulties they experience in the field with their seminary education, so that they can graduate well-prepared for church ministry.

  • Wycliffe

    When people get the opportunity to read the Bible in a language they understand best, scripture comes alive and lives are changed. This is Brian and Julie O’s passion and life work. Brian’s focus on the Russian language has led them to a region in need of a translated Bible. He has continued to work with a team of translators in Russia to translate several books of the Bible into one of the Caucasian languages. A bold timeline has produced successful translations of Ruth, Esther, Jonah, 9 parables from Luke, and Matthew. Acts and Genesis are currently in different stages of development.

  • International Theological Seminary

    ITS works with churches and organizations throughout the world to identify men and women who demonstrate capacity, characteristics and commitment for spiritual leadership. Students come from over 20 nations throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe. Upon graduation, the students return to their home countries as pastors, professors, missionaries, and denominational and community leaders to transform their local communities into vibrant places of worship, mission and justice. A partnership with ITS has provided ACC with exceptional global mission partners to work with. Helping them develop and realize their visions for ministry has been a mutual blessing. The pandemic was a catalyst for launching a new distance learning program in 2020. Improving access to a rigorous US degree while significantly reducing travel and cost of living expenses is hastening their global mission.

  • Truth Matters International

    Finney Premkumar’s primary mission is to confront those in academia with the truth of the Gospel and to challenge those in the Church to live out the Gospel in creative and concrete ways. He is a distinguished speaker who has been invited to speak at theological seminaries, universities and conferences throughout the world. He engages the ideologies of science, politics, religion and philosophy in an effort to re-orient them to the truth of scripture and the claims of Christ. Finney also regularly preaches and teaches in churches around the globe. Through the power of remote conferencing software, he spoke in ten US states in 2020. Finney’s busy international schedule included over 50 engagements in India. He even spoke in Germany, Canada and Belgium on consecutive days from the comfort of his home! Conferences at Oxford University and the American Academy of Religion are on the calendar in 2021. Since the pandemic, he has noticed a new openness among young people to seek answers on topics like suffering and evil. Finney is currently a Ph.D student at the University of Birmingham in the UK. He is also an ACC member.

  • Asamala Ministry

    Monica Chagwamnjira, Class of 2021 (Malawi)

    Asamala Investment in Girls and Young Women

    Monica graduates from ITS in June 2021. Her vision for the Asamala Ministry is to help women escape poverty, lead healthier and more productive lives, and raise the standard of living for their children, families, and communities. Educated women have a better chance of achieving this outcome. Therefore her ministry will focus on helping girls between 10 and 24 years old to complete their schooling. ​She and her husband, Mike, are currently supporting 12 girls by paying for their tuition and education costs.

    During an ACC prayer meeting, Monica revealed the daily plight of her daughters and nieces who wake before dawn each morning to draw water from a  shallow well that animals drink from. She told them about the threat of snakes and poisonous spiders in the African bush, and the strenuous work it is to carry large containers of water on their heads for long distances. The work is almost always performed by girls. The demands of morning chores are a reason why girls drop out before finishing high school. With the encouragement of the prayer ministry and the many signs that God was leading, the missions team decided to pursue a water project in Monica’s village. We are partnering with Whittier Area Women’s Bible Study to raise the funds in 2021 for new "borehole" well and solar pump. Access to water will improve the lives of 50 families in Kasungu Village and the surrounding area. Monica and Mike will also be able to expand their chicken farm and start an organic chicken fertilizer business. Proceeds from the businesses will provide a sustainable source of income for the ministry.