Reaching the World


...the sending out of God’s people to bring good news to the world is central to who we are at Arcadia Community. The World Impact Ministry serves to strengthen that foundation by providing ways for all generations to make disciples and serve others in the work that God is already doing in the world.

In living mission globally we: 

  • Support missionaries in prayer
  • Raise awareness of the mission partners Arcadia Community supports
  • Participate in short and/or long term mission trips
  • Partner with other committees/groups in the church and church groups that meet on our campus
  • Raise financial and material support for mission partners

In addition to our mission partners that we support on a regular basis, Arcadia Community has given money through funds raised by a capital campaign to: build a church in Cairo, Egypt; add a floor to a building at Evangelical Theological Seminary in Egypt; put a roof on a school building in Uganda; and provided funds to repair a hydroelectric power generator for a hospital in Africa. With grants from Arcadia People for Christ Foundation, we have partnered in an AIDS media outreach resulting in nearly 20,000 Indian women taking steps to reduce their risk of contracting HIV from their husbands; provided college scholarships to a seminary in Egypt; and supported the Near East School of Theology in Lebanon, a theological seminary serving the evangelical churches of the Middle East and Africa.

Pursuing Missions Intentionally


Check out what we're doing in Cameroon