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Advent: Deck the Halls

News Article

Arcadia Community Church held its annual Advent Deck the Halls where staff and members come to gather and decorate the church for Christmas.

Advent has been celebrated in the Church at least since the fourth century which, at the time, was to prepare converts for baptism. By the Middle Ages, it was much like the Season of Lent, (the time before Easter) when Christians fasted and spent long hours in prayer. In the following centuries the focus changed and it was thought to be a time to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus. In more recent history the Church has added a cheerful anticipation of Christmas Day.

         The length of the season can be a bit tricky, and does change from year to year. The start date is the Sunday closest to the feast day of St. Andrew the Apostle, which is the fixed date of November 30th, and the end date is Christmas day. So, Advent always has four Sundays but is not always exactly four weeks long.


The season of Advent can be just the change you need to reenergize your faith and renew your walk with the Lord.