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Elders and Deacons Installed for 2023

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On Sunday, January 15, 2023, Arcadia Community Church (ACC) installed its Leadership for 2023. The leadership of the church consists of Elders and Deacons who serve three year terms. This year one new Elder and one new Deacon were ordained. Ordination means investing officially, with the laying on of hands, the authority to lead the church. Once ordained, always ordained, so each leader only has to go through ordination one time. Each year the ordained leadership is installed into office. The laying on of hands during ordination is a ritual that has been followed by God's people since Old Testament times. It is a practice mandated by the apostles to the Church in the New Testament. (See Acts 6:3-6) The following people are serving in leadership for 2023:


Class of 2023

Michael Chang

Evy Hamm

John Scrivener (Trustee)

Class of 2024

Cindy Crippen (Trustee)

Loren Miller (Trustee)  

Class of 2025

Bob Curtis (Trustee)

Cherry Gan

Steve Tamura


Class of 2023

Eve Chang

Doug Hamm

Marilyn Miller

Carole Robinson

Class of 2024

Ida Chan

Jerlyn Mask

Raivo Partma

Suma Seelam

Class of 2025

Christie Curtis

Linda Larson

Ken Obst

Bob Robe