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What Is A Presbytery?

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Did you know that Arcadia Community Church has a host of sister churches in the San Gabriel Valley? As a member church in the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination we are partnered with churches that share a closer geographic region for support and common ministry. Our group of churches is called the Presbytery of San Gabriel. The churches support each other through different meetings throughout the year with each church sending Elders and Ministers to each meeting. It is also the work of the Presbytery to ordain men and women into ministry. This recently took place at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, which hosts a new worshipping congregation known as Interwoven. Harlan Redmond was recently ordained into ministry and Called to pastor the Interwoven congregation. As a member of our Presbytery, Pastor John participated in this service of ordination as a representative of Arcadia Community Church. The service took place in the beautiful cathedral sanctuary of Westminster on Sunday December 18, 2022.